As with the previous page, this page will guide you through some simple exercises that can help you during times of stress.

When faced with feelings of panic or a panic attack, there are a few things that you could do to try cope. There is a difference between knowing what to do and actually doing something, so i suggest that perhaps you could put aside a couple of minutes each day to practice some of these exercises so that you can be ready in the event of a panic attack.

Coping with Panic

Firstly, when faced with panic, let it take it's natural course and wait for it to pass,also try to understand that the feelings that you are experiencing, although unpleasant, are natural.
Don't leave the situation that you find yourself in until you start to feel better within yourself, and try to your breathing techniques which will help you to control the feelings of panic.

As with most emotions, feelings of panic and/or stress are perfectly normal reactions that everyone experiences. Also these feelings cannot harm you in anyway.

10 Rules

1 The feelings that you experience are nothing more than normal bodily experiences, but sometimes exaggerated.

2 These feelings are not harmful and cannot hurt you. They are unpleasant.

3 Don't add to panic by adding frightening thoughts, all this achieves is longer lasting panic attack.

4 Take note of how you are feeling,, what your body is doing etc

5 Wait for the feelings to pass without fighting them, accept what is happening.

6 When you stop adding to these feelings with other thoughts you should notice that the fear with subside on it's own.

7 The point of practicing is to learn how to cope with panic without avoiding it, look at this as an opportunity to make progress.

8 Look back at the progress you have made despite the many difficulties that you may have faced along the way. Be please with yourself when you succeed.

9 When you start to feel better look at your surroundings and start to plan your next move.

10 when you feel ready to move on, take your time there is no need to rush, you are in charge, go at your own pace. 


Deep breathing allows the body to relax and can help you when you are experiencing panic attacks and anxiety.

Slowly relax your body. You can use the relaxation technique that i have given you on the relaxation page.
If it help you can look for something square in front of you, or use the square below.

Start at the top left corner, and follow the top of the square while breathing in and count to 4, i
nhale slowly through your nose, fill the lower part of your chest first, then the middle and top part of your chest and lungs.

Following the right side of the square
Hold your breath and again count to 4.

Then quietly exhale letting the air out and count to 4 while  following the bottom of the square.

Wait a few seconds inhale and count to 4 while you are following  the left side of the square back to the start point.

If you feel you are getting dizzy, Slow down.

repeat this technique until you feel relaxed this may take a few minutes to achieve.

It may also be a good idea to practice this technique whilst not experiencing panic symptoms to get your self used to it.

There are instructions with the picture below.