Relaxation and breathing exercises can sometimes be useful to help you when feelings of anxiety and stress become too much for you, what i have on this page is a guide to help you when you feel that you need to have a little bit of help. 

Relaxation Techniques

As i have said already this page is to give some guidance on relaxation techniques, these may not be suitable for everyone but are intended to guide those who wish to give them a try.

 •Before any session of relaxation it is a good idea to unfasten any tight clothing such as belts, ties, trousers etc and remove your shoes

Making that you will not be disturbed lie flat on your back and try to be as limp as you can with your head on a pillow and you arms by your side.

When you feel ready to make a start, begin exercising each part of your body starting with your legs.

Flex the muscles of your legs and hold this for as long as you feel comfortable (about 10 seconds) then let them relax and rest before you repeat this exercise, keep this going until you can feel the tension leaving your leg, after this repaeat the exercises on the other leg.

Next moving on to your thights and buttocks tighten again for about the same time remembering to rest shortly before repeating the execise until you feel that the tension has once again left the muscles of the area that you have been working on.

The stomach uses the same procedure but be careful not to do this too much with your stomach muscles as you don't want to strain these muscles.

By arching your back then relaxing again a couple of times you should feel sufficiently relaxed, again repeat this as you feel comfortable doing so.

With you arms and shoulders the arm muscles can be tighten either by your side (as with your legs) or you can raise them above your chest and make fists holding this position (again about 10 seconds) and rest them before repeating the exercise.

The jaw and face can be done seperately, with the jaw clench your teeth and then rest before repeating the exercise. With the face muscles, tighten your face into a tight grimace and rest in between exercises.

At this point you may wish to finish with completely tensing the whole body by making fists tighten your jaw and face muscles and arching your back for as long as you can before relaxing and feeling any left over tension leaving you.
 An alternative is to close your eyes and let yourself pay attention to your whole body, this may also highlight any remaining tension in your body so you can repeat the exercises on that part of the body until you feel sufficiently relaxed.